Generation to Generation

The Guild of Temple Musicians and the American Conference of Cantors with the Joint Commission on Worship, Music and Religious Living of the Union for Reform Judaism are proud to offer the Generation to Generation Prize to a talented high school student who demonstrates promise in creating melodies that show sensitivity to the settings of Jewish liturgical text.  The winner is paired with an experienced composer of Jewish liturgical music to refine and expand his/her understanding of melody, text-setting, and compositional techniques, with the goal of inspiring the next generation of Jewish composers.  The ACC and GTM offer high school students the opportunity to composer a piece based on a choice of text, and submit it for review by a panel of cantors and synagogue musicians.  The contestants need to read music in order to qualify for this award.

The Award’s first winner is Jerimah Klarman, a gifted young man who has received numerous awards for his compositions.

The G2G Award is not a yearly award.  We will announce the criteria for the next scheduled competition as soon as the information is available.