List of YCA winners

List of YCA Winners

This competition, founded and chaired by Ben Steinberg, is held annually to promote young Jewish composers’ works. The award is one of the few composition awards of any kind which provides the winner with a cash award, a first performance, transportation to the performance, and the possibility of the winning selection being published by Transcontinental Music Publications (TMP).

The YCA Competition is funded and managed by the GTM.  The Zipser Endowment Fund provides additional funds to offset production and publishing costs for winning compositions.   Contributions to the Zipser Endowment Fund are welcomed.

1991: David Lefkowitz (Psalm 93) and Elaine Broad (Ginsberg) (Psalm 100), co-winners

Honorable mentions: David Badagnani (Psalm 136) and Jose Bowén (Psalm 84)

1992: Paul Nauert (Chitsu Ve-imtsu – Deuteronomy 31:6)

Honorable mentions: David Lefkowitz (Supplication); Marlene Kezwer (HaShir Shel Moshe – Deuteronomy     32:1-4); and Ben Schaechter (V’ahavta – Deuteronomy 6:5-9)

1993: Andy Cohen (Sing to the Lord – Exodus 15:19-21)

Honorable mentions: Tamar Witkin (Shir Or) and Mikhail Popov (Al HaNissim)

1994:Boaz Ben-Moshe (V’sham’ru)

Honorable mentions: Neil Einsberg (Meditation) and David Lefkowitz (A New Song)

1995: Paul Richards (Ochila La’Eil)

Honorable mentions: Helena Michelson (Lord, I Remember) and David Lefkowitz (Psalm 130)

1996: Paul Richards (Diversions on a Sacred Tune) (2nd win)

Honorable mentions: Helena Michelson (Fantasia for Three) and Adam Whiteman (The Gift)

1997: Allan Naplan (Yitgadal)

Honorable mentions: Seth Weinstein (K’dushah); Leonard Goldfine (Psalm 98); and Tamar Witkin (Psalm of God)

2000: David Shukiar (Hashkiveinu and Shalom Rav)

2001: Allan Naplan (Mi Chamocha) (2nd win)

2002: Matt Davidson (Zikaron)

2003: David Shukiar (Boachem L’Shalom – Shalom Aleichem & Mi Chamocha) (2nd win)

2004: Matt Davidson (Birkat HaBanim) (2nd win)

2007: Scott Michael Stein (Shirat HaYam: 3 movements)

Honorable mention: Daniel Sundy (Solomon’s Song)

2009: Aviv Kammay  (Ahava, Ashan, Chalom / Love, Smoke, Dreams)

Honorable Mention:  Noah Aronson (Post Amidah Meditations – Elohai N’tsor; Yih’yu L’ratson; Oseh Shalom)

2010:  Russell Nadel (Shabbat Cycle (Psalm 98, Meditation for Amidah and Magen Avot)

2011:  Joshua Fishbein (Two Prayers for the Sabbath Evening: V’shamru and Oseh Shalom)

2013: Michael Summa (Psalm 95 and 96 for Kabbalat Shabbat)

2014: Michael Summa (Hallel for Children’s and Adult Choir)

Honorable Mention: Ari Sussman (L’Dor Vador – From Generation to Generation: Five Works for Shabbat Ma’ariv)

2015: Asia Meirovich (Ahavat Nafshi)

Honorable Mention: Joshua Fishbein (S’lach Lanu Avinu) and Ari Sussman (Exerpts from a N’eilah Service)


(In years not mentioned, no prize was awarded.)

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