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Welcome to Forums – the GTM Questions Help-Line

We at the Guild of Temple Musicians are always looking for ways to help our membership directly and in real-time.  You have questions, we have answers.  Our membership is diverse, and our expertise abounds.  Forums is an interactive real-time resource that is available to our membership through the website.  You post a question, and we will answer it.  Here is how it works:

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STEP 4: Post a question or answer a question using the form.  Questions and answers may be followed via email, by clicking the box marked “Notify me of follow-up replies via email”.

Have a question or suggestion for a new topic forum? Simply email the webmaster, Marla Aviva Bentley, and I will be happy to assist you.



Crowdfunding: a new source of support for artistic projects

By Beth Hamon

In 2002, I wrote letters to everyone I knew asking them to support my efforts to record my first album of mostly-original Jewish folk music. This was before Facebook, Myspace and ReverbNation existed, which meant I wrote those letters and mailed them out by hand (more…)

L’Dor Vador: A Family Leads Together

We all do what we do so we might pass on our Jewish heritage, both in words and in song, to the next generation.  Our beloved Tory May (who ‘dat!) enjoyed a unique experience this (more…)

Thoughts on Conducting

by Judith Karzen

My first conducting lesson was very short.

Erwin Jospe, Director of Music at the Anshe Emet Synagogue in Chicago, said to me, “Imagine the choir sitting on the piano—soprano, alto, tenor, bass. Now, do whatever you have to do to get them to do what you want.” (more…)

Copyright Compliance: Do the Right Thing!

by Steve Cohen

“Thou shalt not steal.” – Exodus 20:15

These words, along with the rest of the Ten Commandments, adorn the sanctuaries of most of our temples and synagogues.  (more…)

Conducting the Synagogue Volunteer Choir

by Warren Sickel

5 years ago I became the Co-Director of Music for Temple Beth Shalom, the sole Jewish Congregation in Topeka, KS with a warm and enthusiastic total of 109 families.  Being, literally, in the center of the country, with some support services from nearby Kansas City, we need to do things on our own and provide for our spiritual needs as best we can. (more…)

Maximizing Your Potential

by Aryell Cohen

In 1996, it was decided that something major needed to be done about the sanctuary organ at my synagogue.  The console and the electric relays of the sixty-five year old thirteen rank pipe organ were failing.  Every week I had what amounted to electric cyphers because the contacts were breaking.  After seeking the advice of colleagues and several organ builders, it was decided that purchasing a new console and making everything solid state was too expensive a proposition by itself. (more…)

In the Beginning – and Beginning Again

A Cantorial Soloist’s personal account of reclaiming her voice for the bimah.

by Rowna Sutin Soloist for Rodef Shalom Congregation, Pittsburgh, PA

A few months ago, I was asked to write an article about singing from the Bimah. I began to reminisce about how I got here, and how I plan to stay where I am. The following is my story: (more…)

An Aborted Renaissance

by Samuel Adler, PhD.

The following is a speech given by Samuel Adler  at a Conference on the Future of Jewish Music in Potsdam, Germany.

It was almost 90 years ago in 1921 when my father Hugo Chaim Adler took a position as second cantor at the Hauptsynagoge in Mannheim, Germany. He had graduated from the Seminary in Köln and the Hochschule für Musik in that city also and was ready to change the world. What did that mean?  Well, it meant to challenge the existing musical atmosphere in his new position. (more…)

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