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The Guild of Temple Musicians (GTM), an affiliate of the American Conference of Cantors (ACC), has on this date of February 1st, 2013 established the following Membership Policy, to be adhered to by all members of the GTM.


1.         Membership in the Guild of Temple Musicians (GTM) is open to any individual who is working or has worked in the field of Jewish Music.

2.         Cantorial Soloists or Song Leaders who wish to apply for membership in the GTM must be Jewish.

3.         A cantor who is eligible for automatic membership in the ACC, such as a graduate of the DFSSM or a cantor who has been certified by the ACC or Hebrew Union College must be a current member-in-good-standing of the ACC in order to become a member of the GTM.

Dues Structure

1.         Membership dues are set annually by the Officers of the GTM.

2.         Membership dues must be paid annually to the GTM, on or before a member’s anniversary date.  If a member is unable to pay dues, he/she must be in communication with the Vice President of Membership by the member’s said anniversary date.

3.         Members of the GTM who are in good standing will have secure access to the website:

4.         Members of the GTM who are in good standing are eligible to participate in Mifgash Musicale.


1.         A cantorial soloist or song leader may not make use of the title “Cantor” unless proof of Ordination or Investiture from an approved school is demonstrated.  A current list of approved schools is found in the ACC Manual of Policies and Procedures under “Relationship With the Guild of Temple Musicians” E2f(2). 

2.         Without proof of Ordination or Investiture as described above, members of the GTM may not use the title “Cantor” on e-mail addresses, letterheads, business cards or in any titled portion of the Temple website.

3.         The title “Cantor” may not be used by members of the GTM in any publication or public recognition, such as a newspaper article or the like.


Members are permitted to provide the GTM with links to their music or their websites, to be posted on the GTM website.  Direct solicitation or advertisement of services is prohibited.


NOTE: The GTM Membership Policy is strictly for the protection of its members and Board of Directors in order to maintain the health and reputation of the organization and its parent organization, the ACC.

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