Retirement Plan Support

Retirement Plan with the ACC

Thanks to our affiliation with the ACC, GTM members are able to share in the ACC Retirement plan.  We also have the opportunity to share in the information they provide that can help you navigate current Plan publications and their amendments, complete the necessary forms online, and review fund performance.

Please contact Dana Stahl at the ACC with any questions or concerns you may have.

For more information and details, you may visit the ACC website directly.


The Case to Save Your Pension Contributions in These Hard Fiscal Times

Many of our members are being asked to take cuts/freezes in their compensation packages. Many of us have opted to (or had our congregations) lower or eliminate our pension contributions for one, two or a number of years. Please be advised that the ACC/GTM strongly discourages that practice. Your pension funds are the most expensive monies that you can return. Take the case of a 45 year-old cantor who plans to retire at age 65.  A $5,000 reduction in just one year of her contract would result in a $23,305 loss upon retirement (assuming an 8% return on investment).  If that $5,000 reduction continues each year until retirement, the loss grows to $247,115.

Therefore, the ACC has obtained the assistance of attorney, Michael Gan, who has written a fine position paper for the CCAR, and now for the ACC on presenting the case for NOT cutting any pension payments, even in this economy.  He explains why it is not only a moral decision but why, in the end, it does not make sense for the congregation. We now have a copy of that article available to you on our website along with “talking points” that you can use in your discussions with your congregation. Michael Gan is an attorney with the law firm, Peer, Gan and Gisler in Washington, DC, and is also the son of  a Reform Rabbi. His practice includes the negotiation clergy contracts.

Additionally, for those of you in negotiations, we have created some ‘Talking Points’ to help you in your conversation with your lay leaders on this issue. The talking points are available under “Contract Support, Helpful Contract Links” once you log into.

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