Terms of Service

A.      Access to the Members’ only section of our website is restricted to members in good standing, as well as employees of the GTM..

B.      All information in the Members’ only section is considered strictly confidential.

C.      Granting access to or forwarding of any information in the Members’ only section to non-members is strictly prohibited.

D.      Materials submitted to the office for posting on the website must be either in Microsoft Word, PDF, or PowerPoint files.

E.      All materials must be submitted as “final” documents, needing no additional editing. Postings requiring music files, video files, or other links will need to be pre-approved for copyright adherence and the format of the submission which must be compatible with the website.

F.       Materials for posting must be submitted with the location for posting noted. If the location is unknown—or a new page is being requested—the Website Advisory Committee is to be consulted before the materials are submitted for posting.

G.       If a document is to be linked to the GTM’s Facebook page, that information must be included in the posting request.

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