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We Are The Guild of Temple Musicians


Guild of Temple Musicians


We are music directors, choral conductors, composers, music educators, choir members, organists, keyboardists, guitarists, cantors, cantorial soloists, songleaders, and anyone who makes music in celebration of Jewish Worship.

Composer Ben Stein

We are a diverse group of dedicated musicians of varying degrees of training, education, and capability joined in one cause – protecting, preserving, creating, and teaching all the myriad and majesty of  Jewish music.

We are musicians from all walks of life, and at all levels of training, both liturgically and musically.  Regardless of our backgrounds, regardless of our professional status, we are committed towards personal improvement and the musical development of  Jewish Music and the Jewish people.

We are a vast network of talented, energetic, and devoted individuals who join together to share ideas, network, and support.

Together, our goal is to enhance the knowledge and expertise of synagogue musicians through continuing education.

And to make a joyful noise.

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